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Título: Thermal code evolution and its contribution to the sustainable construction
Autor: Ramos, A.T.V.F.
Silva, J. A. Raimundo Mendes da
Palavras-chave: Thermal comfort
Sustainable construction
Data: Mai-2007
Editora: International council for research and innovation in building and construction
Citação: RAMOS, Ana Ferreira; SILVA, J. A. Raimundo Mendes da - Thermal Code evolution and its contribution to the sustainable construction In CIB 2007
Relatório da Série N.º: CIB2007;161
Resumo: In this paper it was analysed the evolution of the Portuguese Thermal Code in of face of sustainable parameters. The two versions were applied to the same housing building in two different positions in a way to improve the solar gains and be able to compare the results. The results gotten from the former steps were analysed, as well as the main differences noted between the two versions of the Codes. The calculus method pursued in the second version is similar to the first one, due to the technicians applying familiarity, but inserting new parameters and more demanding values. Considering that the new construction exigencies, highly concerned with sustainable constructive principles and environment-responsive attitudes, a set of the main factors to take under consideration in face of the more recognized sustainable construction methodologies is presented. The final stages of the paper focus the assessment of the collected results of the two versions of the Code, relating them with the sustainable construction criteria. These parameters allow outlining an overview about the Code evolution and its contribution to the improvement of the housing sector, in terms of the sustainable development.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.11/105
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