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Título: The applicability of passive solar solutions to portuguese traditional buildings
Autor: Silva, J.A.R. Mendes da
Ramos, A.T.V.F.
Palavras-chave: Solar passive architecture
Energy saving
Thermal comfort
Data: Jun-2003
Editora: International Association for Housing Science
Citação: SILVA, J.A.R. Mendes da; RAMOS, Ana Teresa V. - The applicability of passive solar solutions to portuguese traditional buildings. XXXI IAHS World Congress on Housing Housing Process & Product.International. [S. l.] Association for Housing Science, 2003
Resumo: This work enhances the application of a clear and concise methodology to help choosing the most accurate passive solar techniques according to local climate and its influence on construction. To carry out these goals, the analysis of concepts of fictitious temperatures, the psicrometric diagram and its relation to passive solar systems zones previously established and, finally, the constructive changes that each technique requires is needed. This last factor mentioned took into account the technological and scientific knowledge, as well as the current constructive solutions applicable in the building construction sector in Portugal. The article clears these questions from the design point of view, establishing a straight interdependence between theoretic concepts and its practical application, framed by a context of optimisation, adopting the Portuguese traditional construction as the experimental scenario.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.11/114
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