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Título: Body sensor network mobile solutions for biofeedback monitoring
Autor: Pereira, Orlando
Caldeira, J.M.L.P.
Rodrigues, Joel
Palavras-chave: Mobile and pervasive computing
Ubiquitous computing
Body sensor networks
Data: Dez-2011
Editora: Springer
Citação: PEREIRA, Orlando; CALDEIRA, João M. L. P.; RODRIGUES, Joel (2011) - Body sensor network mobile solutions for biofeedback monitoring. ISSN 1383-469X. Vol. 16, nº 6. p. 713-732.
Resumo: Body sensor networks (BSN) appeared as an application of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) to medicine and biofeedback. Such networks feature smart sensors (biosensors) that capture bio-physiological parameters from people and can offer an easy way for data collection. BSNs also need suitable interfaces for data processing, presentation, and storage for latter retrieval. As a result, Bluetooth technology can be used to communicate with several more powerful and graphical user interface (GUI)-enabled devices such as mobile phones or regular computers. Taking into account that people currently use mobile and smart phones, it offers a good opportunity to propose a suitable mobile system for BSN networks. This paper presents a BSN mobile solution for biofeedback monitoring using the four major smart phone platforms: Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android, and iPhone. As case study, a sensing health with intelligence modularity, mobility and experimental reusability (SHIMMER) platform with a core-body temperature sensor enabled to construct the BSN was used. The four mobile applications were evaluated and validated, and are ready for use.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.11/2130
ISSN: 1572-8153
Versão do Editor: http://download.springer.com/static/pdf/390/art%253A10.1007%252Fs11036-010-0278-y.pdf?auth66=1386170925_27a2d226b3310a80ea71f577a58aa335&ext=.pdf
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