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Título: Post-impact fire resistence of t-stub joint component:numerical evaluation
Autor: Ribeiro, João
Santiago, Aldina
Rigueiro, Constança
Palavras-chave: Steel structures
Numerical simulation
Impact loading
Elevated temperatures
T-Stub component
Data: 2013
Citação: RIBEIRO, João; SANTIAGO, Aldina; RIGUEIRO, C. (2013) - Post-impact fire resistence of t-stub joint component: numerical evaluation. In Application of Structural Fire Engineering, Praga, 19-20 de abril.[S.l : s.n] p.1-6
Resumo: Current paper presents a finite element analyses for the characterization of the nonlinear behaviour of bolted t-stub component subject to impact loading followed by fire. The proposed numerical model has previously validated against experimental results under monotonic static loading at ambient and elevated temperatures (Ribeiro et al., 2013). 3D solid and contact elements from the finite element package Abaqus are used to perform the structural model. The temperature dependent material properties, the geometrical and material nonlinearities (including the strain rate sensitivity) were taken into account to predict the failure of the t-stub. A parametric study was conducted to to provide insight into the overall behavior, namely their stiffness, resistance, ductility and failure modes due to the effects of dynamic loading followed by fire.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.11/2767
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