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Título: Expert based DRASTIC adaptation to mineralized aquifer vulnerability assessment - Penamacor, Portugal
Autor: Gomes, L.M.F.
Albuquerque, M.T.D.
Antunes, I.M.H.R.
Palavras-chave: Vulnerability
Specific DRASTIC
Mineralized aquifer
Data: 2015
Citação: GOMES, L.M.F. ; ALBUQUERQUE, M.T.D. ; ANTUNES, I.M.H.R. (2015) - Expert based DRASTIC adaptation to mineralized aquifer vulnerability assessment - Penamacor, Portugal. In International Conference on Environment Science and Engineering, 5th, 2015 - International Proceedings of Chemical , Biological and Environmental Sciences. [S.l.] : IACSIT PRESS. V. 83, p. 163-168.
Resumo: Hydrotherapy and bottling mineral water exploitation requires a detailed placement of the catchment and the aquifer’s vulnerability assessment for protection perimeter design. The DRASTIC methodology was the starting point used for the herein introduced “specific DRASTIC”. It is possible to say that the hydrogeology of the area suggests a predominant low vulnerability. However, hydrogeological and structural characteristics (e.g., granitic fracturation), indicate an extremely high vulnerability to the Termas de Fonte Santa catchment. The "specific DRASTIC” index is held by local parameters in order to downscale the properties for local vulnerability mapping and potential contamination of the aquifer. The Termas de Fonte Santa is classified as very high to extremely high vulnerable and in need of protection and conservation.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.11/3109
ISSN: 2010-4618
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