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Título: G-Jsim: A GUI tool for wireless sensor networks simulation under J-Sim
Autor: Neves, P.A.C.S.
Veiga, Iúri D. C.
Rodrigues, Joel J. P. C.
Palavras-chave: GUI tool
Wireless sensor networks
J-SIM simulator
Data: 14-Abr-2008
Editora: IEEE Consumer Electronic Society
Citação: NEVES, Paulo A. C. S.; VEIGA, Iúri D. C.; RODRIGUES, Joel J. P. C. - G-Jsim: a GUI tool for wireless sensor networks simulation under J-Sim. In Annual IEEE International Symposium on Consumer Electronics, 12, Vilamoura, 14 a 16 de Abril de 2008. ISCE 2008. [S. l.]: IEEE, 2008. ISBN 978-1-4244-2422-1. p 1-4
Resumo: A Wireless Sensor Network is composed of up to thousands of smart sensing nodes with processing unit and memory, sensing unit and wireless communication capabilities. Wireless Sensor Networks application spans from the military applications into almost every field we can think of. Several simulation tools are readily available, among them the J-Sim, a java-based simulator with growing interest by research and network developers alike. We propose to enhance J-Sim functionality with a Guided User Interface for Wireless Sensor Networks that dramatically increases the user-friendliness of the simulator. Also, we provide a free download web page for everyone to benefit.
Descrição: “Copyright © [2008] IEEE. Reprinted from 12th Annual IEEE International Symposium on Consumer Electronics (ISCE 2008). ISBN:978-1-4244-2422-1. This material is posted here with permission of the IEEE. Internal or personal use of this material is permitted. However, permission to reprint/republish this material for advertising or promotional purposes or for creating new collective works for resale or redistribution must be obtained from the IEEE by writing to pubs-permissions@ieee.org. By choosing to view this document, you agree to all provisions of the copyright laws protecting it.”
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.11/524
ISBN: 978-1-4244-2422-1
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