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Título: The difficulties e-learners face when learning virtually
Autor: Menezes, Helena
Gil, Henrique
Palavras-chave: Virtual learning
Virtual learning center
Data: Jun-2003
Citação: MENEZES, Helena ; GIL, Henrique (2003) - The difficulties e-learners face when learning virtually. In 11th International PEG Conference, Powerful ICT Tools for teaching and learning, St. Petersburg, Russia. 28 of June-01 July.
Resumo: This paper tries to give the theoretical framework of e-learning with its advantages and disadvantages. It presents the results of several on-line Portuguese courses. The comparison of those different courses will give insights of the problems e-learners face as well as the benefits found. To contextualize these issues a Virtual Learning Centre (to support teachers) will be presented in order to put in evidence its potentialities and its value as a «training tool».
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.11/956
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