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Título: Aptitude to machine milking of Merino Beira Baixa ewes. 2. Productive behavior face to hand milking and machine milking
Autor: Carreiro, F.M.
Andrade, C.S.C.R.
Almeida, L.M.
Palavras-chave: Merino da Beira Baixa
Machine milking
Hand milking
Data: 1989
Citação: CARREIRO, F.M. ; ANDRADE, C.S.C.R. ; ALMEIDA, L.M. (1989) - Aptitude to machine milking of Merino Beira Baixa ewes. 2. Productive behavior face to hand milking and machine milking. In International Symposium on Machine Milking of Small Ruminants, 4, Kibbutz Shefaiym, Israel, 13-19 Sept.
Resumo: In four groups of ewes, 4 series of measurements to characterize the morphology of the udder were performed, as well as, their milk production every 3 weeks from the beginning of milking (57±7 days after lambing). To each group of 8 animals that included ewes of the lst., 2nd, 3rd and 4th lactation, were distributed the following treatments: group 1-handmilking; group 2-handmilking with ‘repasse’; group 3-machine milking; group 4-machine milking with ‘repasse’. We observed relevant differences in milk production (P<0.05) between handmilking and machine milking. In the groups were “repasse” was done, the milk production was rather superior to the other groups (P<0.05). The average milk production of four measurements (=64) was of: handmilking (group 1+ group 2) = 309,9±138.7 ml; machine milking (group 3 + group 4) = 361.9±130.3 ml; milking without “repasse” (group 1 + group 3) = 289.2±122.1 ml; milking with ‘repasse’ (group 2 + group 4) = 382.6±146.8 ml. In handmilking the parameters that showed higher correlations with milking production were the volume of the udder (r=0.66), the width between the teats (r=0.52) and the depth of the udder (r=0.44). The results obtained with machine milking were: udder width (r=0.49), length of teats (r=0.42), udder volume (r=0.040) and teats inclination (r=0.29).
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.11/1066
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