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Título: Adapting portuguese architecture to former african colonies climate conditions
Autor: Ramos, A.T.V.F.
Silva, José Mendes
Palavras-chave: Passive solar systems
Bioclimatic architecture
Thermal behavior
Traditional construction
Data: Jun-2017
Editora: International Association for Housing Science
Citação: Ramos, Ana Ferreira; Silva, J.A.R. Mendes; Adapting portuguese architecture to former african colonies climate conditions; International Journal for Housing Science, Vol 41, Nº 2 pp. 81-88, 2017; Published in the United States (0146-6518)
Resumo: The Portuguese architecture is borderless due to the colonialism period. Many African countries can testify this influence and the cities still sprawling around remaining old buildings. These constructions are characterized by using local resources and adapting Portuguese architecture to the climatic characteristics and answering local natural hazards. The work developed presents a systematic approach about the constructive changes, identifying the solutions adopted for answering climatic demands. The passive solar systems used were categorized and some examples were selected according to examples found in African cities with Portuguese influence as Beira (Mozambique), Lubango, Namibe and Luanda (Angola) and Praia (Cape Verde). This analysis encompasses strategies to improve thermal behavior of buildings, as ventilation trough the analysis of ventilated roofs or windows geometry, shadowing devices as large eaves, brises and second facades, among other issues. The local construction was also analyzed in order to find out traditional techniques for cooling buildings in a natural way.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.11/5561
ISSN: 0146-6518
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