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Título: Older workers have the competencies required by the labour market: what does it take to make realize that?
Autor: Rodrigues, Ana
Rodrigues, Ana
Pinto, Ana
Palavras-chave: Competencies
Human resources management
Labour market
Recruitment and selection
Training and development
Older workers
Data: 7-Abr-2017
Citação: RODRIGUES, Ana ; RODRIGUES, Ana ; PINTO, Ana (2017) – Older workers have the competencies required by the labour market: what does it take to make realize that?. In Conferência Investigação e Intervenção em Recursos Humanos, 7, Porto, 6 e 7 de abril - Gestão de pessoas: uma função em mudança.
Resumo: Population aging is widely recognized and investigated in the literature. However, despite knowledge and progress made, older workers continue to face several challenges in the labour market, related to age-based stereotypes and discrimination. This research intends to demystify these stigmas by analysing the self-attributed competencies held by these workers. To achieve this, we conducted an exploratory study, using a questionnaire addressed to the Portuguese population, active in the labour market, answered by 606 subjects. Data were analysed using statistical descriptive and frequency analyses and ANOVA’s. The results showed that older workers held the competencies most valued by employers, mentioned in recent studies. Significant differences were identified in the competencies when compared by sex, age, academic degree, enterprise size and sector and younger workers. The results suggest intervention clues that can contribute to breaking stereotypes and promoting an improvement in human resources management policies, thus increasing both the recruitment and selection and training and development practices of older workers, and contributing to their maintenance in the labour market as well as their input to national organizations and economies. It contributes to the literature by challenging age discrimination and by promoting knowledge of the main competencies held by older workers.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.11/5573
ISSN: 2183-2455
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