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Título: Institutionalized elderly: a movement class results physiotherapy intervention
Autor: Pinheira, Vítor
Coutinho, António
Palavras-chave: Institutionalized elderly
Movement class
Quality of life
Physical performance
Muscle strength
Fear of fall
Data: Jun-2012
Citação: PINHEIRA, Vítor; COUTINHO, António (2012) - Institutionalized elderly: a movement class results physiotherapy intervention. In Nordic Congress of Gerontology, 21, Copenhaga, 10-13 de junho. Copenhaga: [s.n].
Resumo: Purpose: Evaluate the effects of a movement class in the flexibility, muscle strength, balance, fear of fall, quality of life and functional performance, in institutionalized elderly. Subjects: 30 subjects were randomly assigned in one convenience sample. Methods: The study was accomplished between t0 and t1, before and after the movement class. The results of the study were measured by the Medical Outcomes Studies 12-item Short-Form (MOS SF-12), Physical Performance Test (PPT-9), Berg Balance Scale, Dynamometer, Modified Back-scratch Test, Chair Sit-and-reach Test, Timed Up n Go test and Falls Efficacy Scale International - FES-I. Results: There were obtained significant data (p ≤0,05) for the variables in study, with the experimental protocol (between t0 and t1), with an increase of the variables. Conclusion: The implementation of a experimental protocol during 4 weeks, showed significant improvements at the level of the state of life, physical acting, muscle strength, flexibility of the superior and inferior members, balance mobility and fear of fall.
Peer review: yes
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10400.11/1316
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